It is generally known that controls can also take on regulation tasks. The reverse has been less popular until now, even though this often offers significant advantages. Lately, however, the trend is increasingly away from a PLC in a dominant and all-encompassing role and more towards distributed intelligence.

The system manual of a German PLC market leader now has over 13,000 pages; the summary still has just under 6,000; no wonder programmers are rare and expensive; however, plant and machine manufacturers want to see easier solutions for their control tasks.

This is supported by the fact that the boundaries between monitoring devices and control have been fluid for a long time. Modern industrial controllers offer a wide range of regulation functions that are often very easy to program. The Industrial Controller KFM903K with its programming software PKM is no exception.

The programming is performed via easy to manage graphic interfaces: the desired functions are combined easily as icons by mouse click. For handling, a brief instruction is often sufficient; sample programs and knowledgeable employees are available to help take the first steps.

At KFM we can even go a step further if needed and deliver, for a nominal charge, units that are already programmed for customer specific demands and ready for operation.

The Programmable  Industrial Controller KFM 903K as PLC Alternative