The new electronic safety temperature limiter is now available in the product range in a dual-channel and self-monitoring version in accordance with the requirements for extended safety (DIN EN 14597, SIL 2). The safety circuit is switched off in a configurable way when the set limit value is exceeded or not reached and in case of errors (in measuring input or device). Unlocking is only possible manually and only after the fault has been eliminated (STB) or automatically (STW).

sicherheitstemperaturbegrenzer kfm 2


Depending on the version, PT 100, standard signal (4-20mA) or thermocouple are available as measuring inputs.

A potential-free safety-related additional contact is used for parallel output of the switching status, and a continuous signal output is also provided.

The bus interface ix industrial ® enables the connection of KFM interface modules (e.g. for Profinet or Modbus) for reading out the actual value, limit value and status of the device during safety operation.

A service interface is available for parameterisation without safety operation.



The device is available in two versions:
  • The fully equipped version offers a TFT colour display with real-time data logger and convenient menu navigation.
  • The basic version in slim design with easy 1-button limit value setting is particularly suitable for confined spaces on the standard rail.