The new industrial controller- series KFM 903.. combines the illustration facilities and advantages of modern TFT displays with the high reliability of proven industrial hardware in a perfect way.

The visible advance of TFT displays is in addition to the high-contrast, colored representation also in case of the graphical display of measured values and messages in plain text obvious. Furthermore, free process- visualization of applications is possible and optional custom specific logos give a personal touch. It is worth to emphasize the good readability even from a greater distance.

The text of important process data can be highlighted by the flexibility thus has been achieved by TFT displays, operating and malfunction texts as well as LED displays can be color marked or exposed and time stamped. The individual development time can be eliminated respectively reduced through the selection of pre adjusted standard views and designs.

In the meantime the reliability of TFT displays in industrial environments exceeds traditional displays. Technological sophisticated, long- term stable brightness and effective protection against electromagnetic interferences are provided. Also with special climatic conditions, for example in the maritime sector or in control cabinets with exceptional ambient temperatures, the very good readability remains constant. Approvals exist for DIN, GL and BV.

TFT BR 903
Wildner 170
Rasmus Wildner
technical sales and distribution