The aim of KFM's policy on quality is to be an efficient, reliable, useful and pleasant-to-work-with partner for the customers and to provide them with up-to-date, technically top-grade products of the highest possible quality and dependability standard.Along with product properties, the policy on quality also includes promptly handling
– preferably to the exclusion of any shortcomings at all – both orders received and any work at all.

Very much conscious of the fact that any delivered product fault can trigger major problems at the customer's, we, at KFM, are not willing to accept any fault quota.

The basic principle applying to any work and assignment at KFM is: "Never treat anyone worse than you yourself in his/her position would want to be treated. Respect and handle the interests of others as though they were your own".

Each and every required optimum step and thought stems, as a matter of course, from the consistent application of this basic principle.

This is just as applicable internally for the way in which management and supervisors handle employees as it is for the employees one to another and also externally for both suppliers and customers.

Since only satisfied customers ensure our permanent commercial existence, absolute priority is given to those requirements needed to achieve this. It can only be based on remembering at all times to give preference to the customer's specific interests.

This entails the following as our constant objective:

  • Dependable handling to schedule of orders received; fault-free deliveries and products and their trouble-free, long-term operation

  • The best possible product design for each and every customer; an optimum of technical consultation

  • Constant endeavour to maintain and enhance the quality of products and operating methods

  • Continuously fulfilling all the specified or required needs of every customer and every other interested party

  • Ensuring that management, staff, customers and all other interested parties have every faith in the required quality of products and operating methods continuing to be upheld.